Meet Bill Eckhart

April 3, 2008

On my current little voyage into the deep space of the new trailers out there, I think I kinda found an interesting planet to check out. Meet Bill is a comedy, starring The Gotham-Attorney-wannabe (Aaron Eckhart),  supported by the sex-maniac-hot-chick-from-40-year-old-virgin (Elizabeth Banks), alongside the absolutely nonHitman-ish guy from Deadwood (Timothy Olyphant, btw I like the guy) and a bunch of “that guys” from other movies, but I have to also mention the beauty-dolphin-riding-princess (Jessica Alba).

The story is about a lame guy who is fat and unlucky, he is losing like everything… beside having a sucky job, the beloved wife just happnes to “belowed” another more popular guy… Bill tries to win the woman he loves back, so he allies with a bunch of kids from school and with their help tries to become the man the woman loves… and belowes… it’s simple and stupid, but adoreable.


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