Where the F you’ve been?

April 3, 2008

I haven’t really posted anything in the past few days… feels like months or years. I’ve had so much work packed on my back like the little donkey in those ads on MTV which make you feel terrible cause you don’t even care about such things and you don’t donate all your saved pennies for the overproductive animal…

I couldn’t really do anything, all I remember is that I had the chance to watch SouthPark every day before going to sleep, but that didn’t do much, because what I did was like waking up in the morning, getting even more work than what I should  do, then finishing in the afternoon going home to realize I still have more work at the other place I work, and when I did all that stuff I set down to have a cigarette with chocolate flavoured milk, enjoying the random shit and weird stuff which comes with watching a whole episode of south park…

But Now I’m free like a bird once again, and I have some spare time to get back to this site, and flame my fingers by typing random stuff and posting them on the web… what a life…


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