When an intentionally bad movie is bad indeed

April 7, 2008

We know why we love Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez… the stuff they create suck… but in a good fashion, so who’s to blame if you enjoy a movie that does the same as it’s quality? Those stuff are made to be bad, and that’s why you enjoy them. Some people don’t have the taste for it, that’s no problem, humans are different.

So we had our share of Deathproof and Planet Terror, and they were bad movies, but in the best way. It seems some other people are trying to copy this as usual, try to hook up on the waves of enjoyable shit, but in the end, we have to realize that talent is required to produce the qualityshit. Some people have this, some people don’t… these people create things like: Zombie Strippers…

The awkward title belongs to an even more awkward movie… it has everything you need… zombies and strippers backed up by a C-category storyline… but after watching the trailer I had to realize… this is shit indeed… it’s one of those stuff you meet at your local dvd store, in the dark and smelly corner where bored videostore clerks have their blowjobs…

Watching a bowl of dog poo and calling it Killer Zombie K-9 Shit would be hell of a time compared to this…


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