At last… time is given

April 16, 2008

The last couple of days (or it may be even more correct to say weeks) were full of stress and timeconsuming activities. I had to move from one apartment to the other, and organising the whole transportation and stuff took more time then expected.  Although I’m still surrounded with rubbish filled bags while sleeping in the new bed, it’s more pleasent now, and time is back to do some stuff.

This monday I took a holiday just to regenerate a bit. Bought some stuff, went around the city… usual stuff. I also picked up this month’s Gamestar magazine, because I was really excited about how the grafic guys stylished my article about Platform development. It was my first 4 page long stuff, and I am really proud of my self, that the words I wrote are now in the first half of the mag. I usually do some intellectuel stuff in the end of the magazine, which is kinda like a filler, but they are always about interesting topics.

Anyways, stress is over… so relaxing can be priority 1 at last… however I still have to do something about my tax stuff. I really hate all of this tax shit. Finding papers finding stuff… ARGH!!!!


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