Ryan Reynolds is still funny

April 17, 2008

Okay, it may sound a bit awkward, but I love most of the movies which include Ryan Reynolds. Even if he just pops up for a few seconds and says something very near to intellectual (like “hey, sup”), it can still be the best scene for me… totally honestly, I dunno why, but he has this charm… just to make sure everyone knows I’m not gay, I’ll note that Scarlet Johansson has the same effect on me… alright, so moving on…

Yes Ryan, you\'ll be president one day, and I\'ll wake up with my face in the toilet

When I first watched the trailer for Definitely Maybe, I got really excited… I was thinking OMG, a movie which can be too much of suckage (yes, Blade3 that’s you, although you are there on my shelf as a special ed dvd… duh)… I was reallly interested and stuff, because the story seemed interesting. After watching the film, I felt like drinking a warm coffee while smoking cigarette and watching the rain outside… a bit melancholic, but refreshing.

The movie is not really exciting, only when a new girl or someone we’ve already seen comes up in the Story of Will Hayes (played by Reynolds). You get to know them, and you start to decide who you cheer for. Then the whole thing gets mixed up. You start to love and hate each of the women, and in the end you simply lose the end of the string. It’s good, but in sometimes it gets annoying and boring, and not even the President-Clinton-Retro arc – where we can see the rise of the OralLord and also his downfall – can help. But as time is going, you start to feel just fine, you will start to enjoy the movie, laugh at times, and finally, you get a nice and calm ending… we already know what comes in the final scene of a movie where we have two divorcing parents, and a cute little child… well, forget that, because this movie is totaly different, no shitty “oh-lets-get-back-together’ phrases here.

The movie is simply put, a good movie. Nothing less and nothing more. It has it’s flaws, but if everyone is into a simple puzzle story, which is not a detective stuff but a relationship one, then they should check out this thing.


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