And there was AnimeCon again

April 21, 2008

It’s pretty obvious that after posting a lot of topics about anime and manga, I’ll be someone who also goes to conventions related to these materials. We usually have a huge convention here during springtime called SakuraCon (cherry blossom anyone?), so I packed myself on this wonderful Saturday afternoon and went out to check what has changed since the last event.

girls girls girls lol it\'s girls

In one word: Bigger and… well… better and worse. Better is that there was more space and more merchandise to buy… worse is the major hype that’s just killing the fun… I mean in the beginning this whole thing was like “your own” and it gave a good feeling. It was good to meet people who also enjoyed the anime phenomena, but now it’s like everyone’s shit… Like all the trendy stuffs, this one is also taken over by the younger generation, deforming it into something you never even want to know… a bunch of Narutos running around while being chased by the numerous Bleach cosplayers… Everyone is L from DeathNote in ultimate emo edition… it’s basicly like raping your favorite pizza toping, and pushing it right down your throat…

But the merchandise speaks for itself… I bought myself a Yoshi plushie, plus one small action figure and a small keychain featuring my favorite character. I think this is still the Okay category, nothing to be ashamed of.

But c’mon, get real, te whole thing just lost the spirit somewhere… I mean it’s sad that the most entertaining part of the whole event is when you flame everyone because of how they dress or act.

And when a person who is speaking on stage supposed to entertain people but instead litereally spits shit on everyone, who then use their mouth as a magical flute to guide the person down to the ground, and still this “entertainer” doesn’t even stop, but starts another Deep Impact of shitwave against the crowd… I’m wondering how this person even survived the whole thing… fists in the air, international truckdriver signs (let me help… it means “fuck you” as in generally go to hell and die), and everyone shouting words comboed into something that should be banned from humanity… dear god why do they let these kind of people to live?

Anyways… the thing was still fun… but next time I’ll have to be a bit more organized so I won’t be wondering around aimlessly, trying to avoid the fuck…


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