And Iron Man was Cool indeed

May 23, 2008

Another movie I’ve seen a few weeks ago. I was really waiting for Iron Man, which is unexpected because I never liked the series. But I do love Robert Downey Jr, and I did find interest in the humor they offered in the trailers.

Look! I can have lights on my body now! Byebye IKEA!

So after some time of patience, I took off to check the movie out. In the end, it rocked! It’s one of the best adaptations so far. It still has a lot of issues tho’: The story is something that any street dancing hobo could come up with. Good guy gets enlightend, bad guy doesnt, good guy goes against bad guy blablabla. But the movie is made of pure awesome thanks to Robert’s character Tony Stark. Every single word he pushes out of his mouth is like cocain for the ears. And beside the great acting of Downey Jr, the action scenes are also pretty awesome.

Funny thing is that the movie has nothing more beside these… the movies “usual-goodlooking-bitch” Pepper Potts wouldn’t really spice up a mexican dinner… but we have to agree that Gwyneth Paltrow is cute. Jeff Bridges is just the angry big bear, who we don’t have to fear, and although he is just a business man, he must be in mad love with mecha animes because he can control the badass power suit like a ten year old angsty japanese schoolkid.

But with all of this pulling the show down into oblivion, Tony Stark comes to the rescue. The chacacter is full of charm and energy. We need Tony Starks walking the streets not Supermen. At least he can build things and he is like the most inteligent milliondollarboy around the globe and not just one guy with superpowers.

In case you wanted to present your daily lunch with some puke process after watching the usual comic adaptaion movies, you should still give this a try. It’s not the best movie, but it does deliver one of the best characters to date. It’s a good popcorn movie that can be enjoyed easily.


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