Indy is back, I am back

May 23, 2008

A lot of time has passed due to lack of free time (if you are more interested in Indiana Jones, jump over this paragraph now)…. but every once in a while you just need to chill and relax. Hey, smile! It’s Friday! Weekend is here! The best (and also worst) part of a friday afternoon at work is usually the minimized amount of incoming work. It’s good, because you have some time to chill, and also, it is quite annoying because you know that the sun is shining out there and you could use it’s magical powers to turn your ash white skin into sexy brown goodlookingness.

I has hat!

Anyways, a lot has happened in the previous weeks. One of these is the most recent one: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I didn’t have high expectations for this one actually, what else could you expect from a once-sex-symbol-actor-gone-over-sixty jumping around fighting soviets?

In the end… I didn’t get more then I wanted. Actually this movie will give birth to tons of bitching all over the net. It’s not great, and it’s not bad… it’s weird. Indiana Jones IV is like buying a cheesbuger at the BigM with nuggets, picking the bottom of the sandwich off and placing the nuggets right there, closing the sandwich again, and eating this cheesenuggetsburger. I love cheeseburger, and my toungue also has some romance for the chicken nuggets… but the two of them in the same time is something new (okay, BurgerKing already did something with the rodeo sandwich but you should get the idea…). You might want to think about if it tastes good combined or you should stick to the old fashion: eating the seperately.

What’s a a good fact, is that I haven’t seen any classic-style adventure movie featuring aliens. Davinci code guy Tom Hanks and Nicolas Cage also do world tours for treasure but they usually encounter planet earth based secrets and myths. Now Indiana Jones takes the thing a bit forward, by picking Mayans as Alien’s best buddies… Okay this might’ve been a Huge spoiler but it’s not. If you check the poster of the movie, with the legendary crystal skull (which looks very weak and stupid), you’ll see that it’s made of alien. Hey, big eyes, long head? A-L-I-E-N!

Anyways, with all the stupid cheap looking skull, and aliens feat mayans bullshit the movie is quite enjoyable. It has a fresh feeling. You either except this new thing or not.

However… keep in mind that Indiana is old now, he won’t be doing all the superb stunts he did back there, but he still has some nice tricks to pull off.

If you loved the old Indy movies, and you don’t mind to se “another one”, this should be on your schedule. It definately won’t toss the first and the third movie off the throne, and it will be probably just the 4th Indiana Jones movie, but it’s still the old bastard with the hat. It’s good, but not great… same stuff what we get from Spielberg these days (except for München which was cool)


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