Metroid Movie? From Micheal “BlewEmUp” Bay? OMGYes!

May 24, 2008

There’s a rumor going on that Micheal “I’llBlewYouAwayWithMyAwesomeEffects” Bay might direct or produce a Metroid movie, based on Nintendo’s successful franchise which is called… yes… Metroid.

I\'m in love

The title simply cries for a movie adaptation, and those who ever played just one title of Metroid would love to see what Michael could do with the material. But since this is just a rumor… nothing much to expect.However let’s not forget, that we are living in a time of adaptations, Comic books and video games are under attack by angry scriptwriters and zombie faced producers… some of these suffer (Hitman anyone?) Some of these turn out to be pretty good (Dead or Alive… it was simple and fun). And let’s not forget the we’ll get a Prince of Persia soon!

So all I can do is just to hope that Metroid Movie will become a reality sooner or later… and if it does, it won’t be a lame adaptation like it was for Super Mario… man even I could do a better movie than that sheeeesh…



  1. sorry, but that is only cosplay or a joke

    • Indeed it is a cosplay, but everybody knows that 🙂 This was just a rumor back then, and the pic is just to show how awesome it could be 🙂

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