There might be Soccer again!

May 24, 2008

Hungary – Greece – 3:2. The first official but friendly match with Erwin Koeman on board. Was a really nice match guys, hopefully when it comes to the next big tournament (World Cup probably) I won’t have to decide which teams I prefer because the nation that gave Puskás to the world will be present… nice dream…

The guy with the weird name goes for it! Dzsudzsak!

Anyways, the EuroCup is coming. I hope I can enjoy the finals somewhere on the Croation shores, teamed up with some drunk croatian dudes and other tourists. It was fun last time cheering for Germany and then for Italy. Lemme just see… what we’ll have this year, who should we cheer for:

Group A

Czech Republic

For Group A I’ll go with the Czech guys. It’ll be hard because all the teams here are pretty tough, but I still hope they’ll get through.

Group B


It’s an easier pick for Group B: Germany and Croatia. I think the Germans need a lot to improve, but I think they’ll be able to get into the next phase. The Cro’s are pretty tough anyways, beating England out (poor guys…) was really nice job.

Group C


Group C has only one favoured team: The Netherlands… they have good beer, why not cheering for those guys? Well…

Group D


And finally Group D. It’s another easy pick: Russia. Don’t ask why, might be because of all the russian colleagues I have, but Zenit played some good futball in the UEFA cup, hopefully this transmits into the national team aswell.

And who should win the EURO 2008? I don’t know yet… the team that plays the most beautiful game… probably.


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