Prince of Persia continues… well?

May 30, 2008

I really loved the Sands of Time kind of advantures that Ubisoft came up with in the last years. My favorite was Warrior Within for it’s dark and depressive environment, and all the questions it asked… can we take our destiny into our own hands, or we just flow with the waves of life and happen to get into things that are just meant to be that way… it all gave the game a pretty good surrounding.

The New Prince... shaves... uses Mach4 Gilette razorsAnyways, the story ended in The Thwo Thrones, and now we’ll see a different story, with a completely new Prince… I don’t know what everyone else thinks, but I miss the old prince. Of course, since we have a new story we need a new character, and we can’t have the same thing, but I’m not sure this is the Prince I would love to play. Ben Mattes the producer of the new Prince of Persia game gave some pretty good infos about the game itself, and told us a lot about the new prince… Basicly this one will be a more renegade kind of guy, he’ll be living from day-to-day, fetching treasures and hooking up with lots of women, so basicly a more Badass guy then the previous Prince. Although the Looks of the new Prince are yet to be fully revealed, but the things we have don’t impress me at all… when I saw the art stuff from Warrior Within I got hooked on the game, but I don’t feel the same with this guy… however, all the things Ben said made me really eager about the game. I hope the guy won’t have this Drug-Addict look in the final version of the game… those eyes are just screaming for more cocain…

And btw, the new femme fatal is my next love for sure! 🙂


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