My LibrarWii: Is there a doctor in the house?

May 31, 2008

Trauma Center: Second Opinion might be familiar for those who own a DS… I don’t but… that doesn’t matter… I’ll just get to the point straight: If you love puzzle games, and you own a Wii, you need this one. Got it? Now on to the game itself…

In Trauma Center you use the Wii-mote to make life saving surgery on people. It is impossible to hold the Wii-mote rocksolid steady, unless you have some nifty robotic arms… This gives the game some reality feeling since you have to be really accurate, or your patient dies… well, they’ll die eventually.. you’ll never become a real doctor, but I started to understand some latin bullshit which might be a requirement to watch one full episode of Dr House, although my MedicSpeech is still basic.

You’l do some interesting medical perfomances in the beginning, then the game turns into some weird sci-fi bullshit, with intelligent bacteria and nanomachines… if can step over this fact, you can still enoy the game. The next critical hit from the game are the characters. In the beginning, you’ll find them interesting… but then it turns into some weird southamerican soap drama, where everone cries and yells that they live to save patients… yeah we fucking know that you guys are doctors and thats your job, but after the 833483th “My faith is to save people”, you’ll really want to launch your virtual scalpel into the people’s face.

Otherwise… the game is superb puzzle action… the story is decent, and interesting if you put the dialogues aside. The Game gets harder with every operation, and although there are weird “What the F is this? Why do I have to do this?” missions, it is still enjoyable. I really have to get my hands on Trauma Center New Blood!

Buy it or Burn it? – It’s a most if you love puzzle action and manga chicks.


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