Obtained: Stranger than Fiction

June 1, 2008

I couldn’t believe that this DVD actually costs like 5 euros…  it probably didn’t please the mainstream cinema visitors, who usually enjoy chewing their popcorns and watching bang bang action shitness. After checking the movie I knew why it has a value that equals a McDonald’s BigMac menu’s costs.

counting brush strokes and steps... an enjoyment for the weird

I have to tell you guys, I really enjoyed this movie, even if it has it’s own flaws… you have to understand that this movie is not a comedy, although we have Will Ferrell in the lead role, who is funny just by looking at him. It’s more like a drama wich involves funny people. Really, the three main characters of the title are awesome with all their weird habbits. Will Ferrell as the boring-life taxman, Emma Thompson as the writer who desperately needs to see a doctor, and Dustin Hoffman as the cool and laid back university teacher. These three plus the story of a man who starts to hear the narration of the author of his life is simply superb. The Only problem is that the movie itself doesn’t know if it wants to be a comedy or a tragedy… we see some funny moments, and all the tiny little acts of each character gives you a smile, but it still runs towards some kind of predetermined tragedy… however it’s still OK, since Will Ferrell is also trying to do the same… finding out if his life is a tragedy or a comedy.

The movie fires some of the old but already well known questions: Is Destiny in our hands, or someone is actually playing with us as pawns? If we would know that we will die, what would we do? We’ve heard this a lot, and Stranger Than Fiction won’t give any answers… but it doesn’t really matter because it’s an enjoyable title, with the characters and the story, and some design elements, the movie is really good.

Now, why did I say that it’s okay that this DVD has the same value as a BigMac menu? Because those who like to feed their brains on american bullshit, can get that, but those who want to see someting interesting and intelligent, can get their enjoyment for the same price… shame that some other movies still cost more than a BigMac… Stranger Than Fiction is an 8 out of 10 on my list.



  1. such an odd but unpredictable movie.

  2. even though I don’t think this movie is properly finished I found it interesting enough…
    if you like the idea of the creation of the story mixed into the story itself, I’d highly recommend this one… the title might be a bit misleading… as it is, indeed, a zombies movie, but with so much more!

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