So what we’ll see/play in Guitar Hero World Tour?

June 2, 2008

The release of GH4, or to be more exact: GH World Tour is still far away, and a lot of the details are hidden behind developer’s shadows, but there are some things we can clear, and some elements we can modify into some well established rumors.

I\'ll have tu punish these for their existenz with the allmighty drumsticksWe’ve seen a teaser-trailer thing which really didn’t show much… the new Guitar was there but the details are still blured out with nasty blackness… it’ll probably have the rock band style solo mode, at least I hope they’ll have the option to play as SuperSlashStar doing some crazy solo awesomeness.

The other thing we know from the trailer, is that we’ll have Lenny Kravitz… which is awesome.

From the press release, we know that we’ll have some teen-handcutting-mayhem from Linkin Park, and some other bands… but which songs should we have? We have Drums know, so just having an awesome guitar play won’t be enough…

My suggestions are:

Van Halen – Ice Cream Man (Or the Pretty Woman song :))
Linkin Park – Given Up (I would probably go with an older one but seeing the trend, a song from the new album will be probably chosen, and I would choose this one from that, but it’ll probably be What I’ve done)
The Eagles – Hotel California (an instant karaoke hit, so this might be a good choice)
Sublime – Wrong way (cool lyrics, good drums, funky guitars… it’s a must!)

Okay, these are more solid than what’s coming now… we’ve seen a drumkit trailer too, with some prominent drummers out there: Chad Smith from RHCP, Stewart Copeland from The Police, and Travis Barker from +44 and Blink182… now their appearance might promise some really great material there. What songs should we have from them?

RHCP – Can’t Stop
The Police – Every Breath you take (also another Karaoke hit, and a must for the GHWT, which means instabuy from my side, but if we really need a better drumplay, than Don’t stand so close to me)
Blink182 – All The Small Things (yes… it’s boring, but we still love it… another instabuy reason would be this)

And there are still lots of things yet to be revealed… but if the start is already this impressive… we’re into some heavy rocking time this christmas.


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