68 days till Sziget festival

June 4, 2008

I already bought my tickets for the whole awesome funfesta that’ll start in a bit more than 2 months. We’ll have lots of superb material there, even I can’t believe some bands will actually be on stage… it’s okay that to call the Roskilde festival the best in Europe, but this one is way more cheap, still has a lot of great bands… and it’s ours.

Iron Maiden is just the start of the fun, we’ll have R.E.M., Sex Pistols (although I have to admit, they are not as powerful as many years ago, but it’s still SexPistols) Also, there’ll be Kaiser Chiefs, Jamiroquai, Serj Tankian (I hope he’ll do the Holiday in Cambodia cover) Flogging Molly (love that irish pubfightingskatepunkshitthing), and Pendulum Live.

old but still... punks never die...

The Wombats, Babyshambles and Alainis Morissette are also interesting on the main stage, but I’ll probably go drink beer during these performances.

And let’s not forget about Zagar, Neo and Colorstar! Woohoo

So only 68 days left… till we get all of this (and many more unlisted)


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