You don’t have to be FBI to gather info on anyone.

August 3, 2008

Beware folks, because Agents are spreading across the world. Did you already register yourself to facebook, iwiw, myspare or any of those “Yey I have a lot of friends online” portals? If yes, than beware, because people are going to stalk you…

If you ever made a hate-post on any forum, you should check if anything about you is available in your profile… if your nick is the same as the nick on facebook or whereever, beware fellow citizen, you’ll be stalked…

I mean it’s pretty easy… you go on a forum or wherever, talk with some people, and you’ll start to wonder what is behind the avatar… you’ll either go for their mail address or nick name, then facebook tells you all.

These days, if you are not registered on facebook, myspace or iwiw, then you don’t exist… if you are registered, then you exist for anyone.

Pretty much fun tho’, when you see a hot chick on a board, start so search for the truth and find out that the 20 year old girl is actually 13, and you’ll start wondering if the police can scan your fantasy which is made of pure evidence for crime by then.


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