Anything good coming to cinemas?

October 26, 2008

I haven’t really checked on the trailers and movies in the last couple of months… i’ve been to a lot of movies, but I don’t really remember what films I’m really willing to see in the future. Lots of trailers seen, but I just can’t recall anything now…

I just checked apple.com/trailers, which is one of the sites I usually check for trailers, but I haven’t really found anything that makes me wanna run around screaming like a wicked fangirl.

Okay, so lets see what we have here. Transporter 3??? C’mon, the second movie was the dummest bullshit ever, why can’t Jason Statham play in a movie which does not involve cars and wirefu? I loved the Snatch Statham, and the one where they robbed an english bank, that movie was great (can’t remember the title ‘tho).

Maybe Spirit and Watchmen are the only things that are interesting for my taste… and Zack and Miri Make a Porno… if Seth Rogen is in something it has gotta be good (still need to check out Pineapple Express tho’).

Ohohohoo yes, I definately wanna see Zack and Miri make a Porno!


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