Been at Budapest Game Show 08 – pleased with merchandise

October 26, 2008

Yesterday we had the second Budapest Game Show, which is like a young baby compared to the big bro’s like TGS or Leipzig Games Convention. The second one was larger then anyone could imagine, but of course the big brothers are still way in front of quality and fun.

But hey, this is cool, in the middle of europe we are starting to have something like this. We could try out things like Fable 2, Dead Space or Red Alert 3 and co. See these games for the first time was awesome, although I’ve seen them previously running live (yeah, working at Games mag rocks :))

The audiance the atmosphere was great, so in a couple of years this might be the largest gaming event in the heart of europe. I’m proud to be a part of a community who makes this a reality for the fans.

And the games: I was really flattered by Dead Space, I just love these spooky scifi horror stuffs. As an Alien fan, I just couldn’t stop loving the chill running through my spines. Seems to be a great game for those who love space horror. Running for your life on an abandoned Space ship, or to be exact, a Planet Cracker, which is fuck-yeah a fucking planet cracker that cracks planets!!! It’s like the most fucking awesome kind of space vehicle after the Star Destroyer! Vader should get some of these!

The other thing I’m in love with right now is Red Alert 3. Man I loved the series, and now they have Japs running around with beam-katana lightsaber shit! Japs running around in futuristic alternate world war against soviet propagande, with light sabers! And there is a psycho school girl as well! Can anyone imagine something more cooler than that? Oh yes, Oscar’s Dr Poole as Soviet warlord! Fuckyeah, this is an instaby.

Okay, this was not the most orgasmic moment of the evening… I had the chance to play (not just to see, but touch, feel and PLAY!) Guitar-Thrash-Fucking-Hero World Tour! That’s right, the game pwns! It is awesome, it is cool, it is an instabuy! Too bad We couldn’t try The Kill fro 30 Seconds to Mars.

In an overall, the event was great. Too bad the space was not enough for all the game enthusiasts. But it was great, and hopefully we’ll be able to make this event become the next GC or TGS of Central Europe!

We'll be there in 09 yeah!

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