Madagascar 2 is basicly Africa 1

November 10, 2008

I loved the first Madagascar movie. People are trying to make more-and-more realistic looking creatures with CGI. Shrek is trying to do that, and even Pixar takes a wrong direction at times… not to mention what Lissi und der wilde Kaiser shit.

But with the first Madagascar, CGI studios did something well… stylish characters and good humor, although the story was way too clanky. And now here we have Madagascar 2, Escape 2 Africa. Will it blend?

The Movie has nothing to do with Madagascar, the island, since the whole story is based in Africa, homeland to all the animals we have been adventuring with in the first movie. But, the franchise can’t change just because they moved over to another location.


Madagascar 2 evolves in some ways, but also leaves good stuff behind, which is a shame. Story is more focused on the lead characters, and their emotional journey is well done by that. Alex the lion arrives home at last, but growing up in a world where lions are not fighting for survival might make things harder. Marty the zebra is a unique charactert, but when he meets all the other Zebras, and finds out that zebras are the japanese of the animals, it gets tough to be unique. Melman the giraffe also tries hard to fit in, and Gloria the hippo wants to settle and have a decent relationship. Although the most spotlight goes for Alex, the others get their stories as well. Too bad that there was simply not enough space to gather a story around the penguins, they simply need a self-titled movie. The jokes and references are more intelligent, but in the same time, there are less.

This is not the animated movie that makes you laugh your ass off. But on the other hand, it’s enjoyable, and it makes us want even more. 7 out of 10.


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  1. Nice review mate, I loved the part where you compare the zebras with the Japanese, haha!

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