And how would like your Kid Icarus to be served, Sire?

December 4, 2008

I’ve just read through an interesting article over at IGN’s Wii site about a possible Kid Icarus reboot, and came to the idea to share my thoughts as well on this marvelous franchise.

Less Emo, more wings, and we're good to go.

Many of those once-great franchises were given a second chance in the past years. Metroid gone to 3D on the Gamecube and made a revolution regarding the adventures of Samus Aran. But, in my personal opinion, the new Prince of Persia series is the one that made the greatest revolution to an old series. I have to be honest, I didn’t really love the original PoP, I just liked it but it didn’t deliver the same feeling as Super Mario Brothers did for me. But a few years later we had our time-reversing champ, and it was made of pure awesome. Now, we are getting Bionic Commandos and other great stuff, so a Kid Icarus remake, might be reasonable.

Pit... way of the casual.. path we don't wan't to walk.
But should it be 2D? Or should it be transitioned to the more “todays Gen” 3D world? We’ve seen a lot of concepts, and heard a lot of gossips, but nothing is official, so we can still dream in the dark about the possibilities. Whoever is making the next Kid game, should learn a lot from Ubisoft and Retro studios, who made great twists with the PoP and Metroid series. Those were great, but if we take a look at what Nintendo does these days, we might lose hope… The Big N is going for the more casual type of gamers now, and Kid Icarus was a charming little “tough-nut-to-crack” game, with a style that appeals to the younger generation. We don’t need this to be redone! Pit looked fun in Super Smash Brothers Brawl, but we don’t need that! We want a hardcore, mature game, with Kid as a more grown up character, filled with a darker tone. Some of the concepts are showing this path, but some do not. I would take the Kid Icarus series a bit the Warrior Within way, but with less emo and angst. A Game with a darker world, with lots of combat and Mario Galaxy style platforming should make a great game, but in order to have that, things need to change, and someone needs to crash the desk over there in Kyoto to make this thing published. We hope, that we’ll get our true Kid Icarus reboot sometime in the future.

Pit... going to a better way...


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