melolkekekekekDear bored citizen of the web,

I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to know that you are reading these lines here. We should have some biography and stats about my humble self here, but who’s to blame? I wont tell a thing, because things like birthdates and curriculum viteas are as fun as having a lizzard teaching you basketball. What is curriculum vitae anyways? Who came up with such an unpronouncable phrase?
Anyways, back to usual stuff, this site is not about how many times I had to go to the toilet today… if someones interested in those things, they should visit ratemypoo.com… god knows who came up with such a weird idea, but… so many sickossurfing around the web thesedays. Oh and this site is absolutely NOT about how emotional my or others life is, and how sucky my life is and how I want to cut my arm with some random kitchen knives, which were originally made for bread slicing…

So anyways, if you’re still reading this, you should check back sometimes, and read some. Honestly, I don’t read at all… shame or not, you are reading, and this makes me satisfied. Please continue following this process. The Author is happy.




  1. Dear Akos!

    I love your web site. It is very informative and entertaining at the same time! Keep up the good work baby:)

    Yours truly:

  2. Lizards are cool

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