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And how would like your Kid Icarus to be served, Sire?

December 4, 2008

I’ve just read through an interesting article over at IGN’s Wii site about a possible Kid Icarus reboot, and came to the idea to share my thoughts as well on this marvelous franchise.

Less Emo, more wings, and we're good to go.

Many of those once-great franchises were given a second chance in the past years. Metroid gone to 3D on the Gamecube and made a revolution regarding the adventures of Samus Aran. But, in my personal opinion, the new Prince of Persia series is the one that made the greatest revolution to an old series. I have to be honest, I didn’t really love the original PoP, I just liked it but it didn’t deliver the same feeling as Super Mario Brothers did for me. But a few years later we had our time-reversing champ, and it was made of pure awesome. Now, we are getting Bionic Commandos and other great stuff, so a Kid Icarus remake, might be reasonable.

Pit... way of the casual.. path we don't wan't to walk.
But should it be 2D? Or should it be transitioned to the more “todays Gen” 3D world? We’ve seen a lot of concepts, and heard a lot of gossips, but nothing is official, so we can still dream in the dark about the possibilities. Whoever is making the next Kid game, should learn a lot from Ubisoft and Retro studios, who made great twists with the PoP and Metroid series. Those were great, but if we take a look at what Nintendo does these days, we might lose hope… The Big N is going for the more casual type of gamers now, and Kid Icarus was a charming little “tough-nut-to-crack” game, with a style that appeals to the younger generation. We don’t need this to be redone! Pit looked fun in Super Smash Brothers Brawl, but we don’t need that! We want a hardcore, mature game, with Kid as a more grown up character, filled with a darker tone. Some of the concepts are showing this path, but some do not. I would take the Kid Icarus series a bit the Warrior Within way, but with less emo and angst. A Game with a darker world, with lots of combat and Mario Galaxy style platforming should make a great game, but in order to have that, things need to change, and someone needs to crash the desk over there in Kyoto to make this thing published. We hope, that we’ll get our true Kid Icarus reboot sometime in the future.

Pit... going to a better way...


Been at Budapest Game Show 08 – pleased with merchandise

October 26, 2008

Yesterday we had the second Budapest Game Show, which is like a young baby compared to the big bro’s like TGS or Leipzig Games Convention. The second one was larger then anyone could imagine, but of course the big brothers are still way in front of quality and fun.

But hey, this is cool, in the middle of europe we are starting to have something like this. We could try out things like Fable 2, Dead Space or Red Alert 3 and co. See these games for the first time was awesome, although I’ve seen them previously running live (yeah, working at Games mag rocks :))

The audiance the atmosphere was great, so in a couple of years this might be the largest gaming event in the heart of europe. I’m proud to be a part of a community who makes this a reality for the fans.

And the games: I was really flattered by Dead Space, I just love these spooky scifi horror stuffs. As an Alien fan, I just couldn’t stop loving the chill running through my spines. Seems to be a great game for those who love space horror. Running for your life on an abandoned Space ship, or to be exact, a Planet Cracker, which is fuck-yeah a fucking planet cracker that cracks planets!!! It’s like the most fucking awesome kind of space vehicle after the Star Destroyer! Vader should get some of these!

The other thing I’m in love with right now is Red Alert 3. Man I loved the series, and now they have Japs running around with beam-katana lightsaber shit! Japs running around in futuristic alternate world war against soviet propagande, with light sabers! And there is a psycho school girl as well! Can anyone imagine something more cooler than that? Oh yes, Oscar’s Dr Poole as Soviet warlord! Fuckyeah, this is an instaby.

Okay, this was not the most orgasmic moment of the evening… I had the chance to play (not just to see, but touch, feel and PLAY!) Guitar-Thrash-Fucking-Hero World Tour! That’s right, the game pwns! It is awesome, it is cool, it is an instabuy! Too bad We couldn’t try The Kill fro 30 Seconds to Mars.

In an overall, the event was great. Too bad the space was not enough for all the game enthusiasts. But it was great, and hopefully we’ll be able to make this event become the next GC or TGS of Central Europe!

We'll be there in 09 yeah!

Smash Bro’s in the House

June 29, 2008

At last…. we Euros got our portion of Super Smash Brothers Brawl for the Wii. I can’t really say anything about it now… it’s addictive indeed you start to play and then you just simply can’t put the wiimote down… however I don’t feel that this is game is indeed the best fighting game ever created (many people do all the hype about it…) but I dunno.. we played it a lot, and there is still a lot of content to get out of the stuff…

It’s a fun fighter yes, but… I dunno I had more funfactor injected into my brain when I played with Tekken… However I have to admit, the fanservice is absolutely huge here. All of the favorite videogame characters are present… I just want Snake and Sonic to be unlocked. God I played the singlelayer missions for like 3 hours now, and the completion rate is only 27%???? Duh…. shit… too much work to do here…

Oh, and Zero Suit Samus is ❤ on maximum!

this is madness.... no... this is brawl.


So what we’ll see/play in Guitar Hero World Tour?

June 2, 2008

The release of GH4, or to be more exact: GH World Tour is still far away, and a lot of the details are hidden behind developer’s shadows, but there are some things we can clear, and some elements we can modify into some well established rumors.

I\'ll have tu punish these for their existenz with the allmighty drumsticksWe’ve seen a teaser-trailer thing which really didn’t show much… the new Guitar was there but the details are still blured out with nasty blackness… it’ll probably have the rock band style solo mode, at least I hope they’ll have the option to play as SuperSlashStar doing some crazy solo awesomeness.

The other thing we know from the trailer, is that we’ll have Lenny Kravitz… which is awesome.

From the press release, we know that we’ll have some teen-handcutting-mayhem from Linkin Park, and some other bands… but which songs should we have? We have Drums know, so just having an awesome guitar play won’t be enough…

My suggestions are:

Van Halen – Ice Cream Man (Or the Pretty Woman song :))
Linkin Park – Given Up (I would probably go with an older one but seeing the trend, a song from the new album will be probably chosen, and I would choose this one from that, but it’ll probably be What I’ve done)
The Eagles – Hotel California (an instant karaoke hit, so this might be a good choice)
Sublime – Wrong way (cool lyrics, good drums, funky guitars… it’s a must!)

Okay, these are more solid than what’s coming now… we’ve seen a drumkit trailer too, with some prominent drummers out there: Chad Smith from RHCP, Stewart Copeland from The Police, and Travis Barker from +44 and Blink182… now their appearance might promise some really great material there. What songs should we have from them?

RHCP – Can’t Stop
The Police – Every Breath you take (also another Karaoke hit, and a must for the GHWT, which means instabuy from my side, but if we really need a better drumplay, than Don’t stand so close to me)
Blink182 – All The Small Things (yes… it’s boring, but we still love it… another instabuy reason would be this)

And there are still lots of things yet to be revealed… but if the start is already this impressive… we’re into some heavy rocking time this christmas.


My LibrarWii: Is there a doctor in the house?

May 31, 2008

Trauma Center: Second Opinion might be familiar for those who own a DS… I don’t but… that doesn’t matter… I’ll just get to the point straight: If you love puzzle games, and you own a Wii, you need this one. Got it? Now on to the game itself…

In Trauma Center you use the Wii-mote to make life saving surgery on people. It is impossible to hold the Wii-mote rocksolid steady, unless you have some nifty robotic arms… This gives the game some reality feeling since you have to be really accurate, or your patient dies… well, they’ll die eventually.. you’ll never become a real doctor, but I started to understand some latin bullshit which might be a requirement to watch one full episode of Dr House, although my MedicSpeech is still basic.

You’l do some interesting medical perfomances in the beginning, then the game turns into some weird sci-fi bullshit, with intelligent bacteria and nanomachines… if can step over this fact, you can still enoy the game. The next critical hit from the game are the characters. In the beginning, you’ll find them interesting… but then it turns into some weird southamerican soap drama, where everone cries and yells that they live to save patients… yeah we fucking know that you guys are doctors and thats your job, but after the 833483th “My faith is to save people”, you’ll really want to launch your virtual scalpel into the people’s face.

Otherwise… the game is superb puzzle action… the story is decent, and interesting if you put the dialogues aside. The Game gets harder with every operation, and although there are weird “What the F is this? Why do I have to do this?” missions, it is still enjoyable. I really have to get my hands on Trauma Center New Blood!

Buy it or Burn it? – It’s a most if you love puzzle action and manga chicks.


Prince of Persia continues… well?

May 30, 2008

I really loved the Sands of Time kind of advantures that Ubisoft came up with in the last years. My favorite was Warrior Within for it’s dark and depressive environment, and all the questions it asked… can we take our destiny into our own hands, or we just flow with the waves of life and happen to get into things that are just meant to be that way… it all gave the game a pretty good surrounding.

The New Prince... shaves... uses Mach4 Gilette razorsAnyways, the story ended in The Thwo Thrones, and now we’ll see a different story, with a completely new Prince… I don’t know what everyone else thinks, but I miss the old prince. Of course, since we have a new story we need a new character, and we can’t have the same thing, but I’m not sure this is the Prince I would love to play. Ben Mattes the producer of the new Prince of Persia game gave some pretty good infos about the game itself, and told us a lot about the new prince… Basicly this one will be a more renegade kind of guy, he’ll be living from day-to-day, fetching treasures and hooking up with lots of women, so basicly a more Badass guy then the previous Prince. Although the Looks of the new Prince are yet to be fully revealed, but the things we have don’t impress me at all… when I saw the art stuff from Warrior Within I got hooked on the game, but I don’t feel the same with this guy… however, all the things Ben said made me really eager about the game. I hope the guy won’t have this Drug-Addict look in the final version of the game… those eyes are just screaming for more cocain…

And btw, the new femme fatal is my next love for sure! 🙂


My LibrarWii – games you should and should not buy

May 25, 2008

It’s a console war out there… so they say… there are no casualties and no gunfire tho’, but packs of money fly around, making our pockets empty. It’s a tough decission when it comes to which system you want to spend your money on. I cast my Vote for Wii, and since I bought it more than a year ago, I managed to fill up my gaming libary with some pretty cool, and also some other very dissapointing titles…

Although most of the games cost less than an average Xbox360 or PS3 title, it’s still money, and if you don’t want to waste it, you should do a good research on the net, checking reviews and videos.

I’m just an average gamer (haha… working for a gaming magazine doesn’t make things that average…), and it’s really hard sometimes to decide if you want to go for one game, or leave it on the shelf.

With this My LibrarWii series, I’ll try to hurray on those titles I’m satisfied with and to flame those that don’t even worth a dollar burried in a pile of shit. If you are an owner of a Wii already, but don’t know where to spend your money, or if you just might want to be the next owner of the Nintendo console (in case you are lucky cos’ it’s on stock) then these posts could help you.

For this time, I’ll take 2 titles, one as a dissapointment and another as an orgasmfull enjoyment.

Need for Speed: Carbon

If you are a pimp-my-ride fanatic, you can’t live under 200 mph, and you get a hard-on while talking about a Mustang GT, than you should get this title for PC, PS3 or any other system, except for the Wii… Seriously, I played this game for like 3 hours, and then I quit the whole thing. The idea is simple, you just tilt the controller as a steering wheel and tada, you are controling a car… that would’ve been the idea, but it feel like waving your doodle in a box of nails… it’s frustrating, demoralizing, and bad. The game is bad, you can’t tell anything good about it except the fact that you are driving cars you will never own unless you have a PS3, Xbox360, a Wii, a nuclear plant powered PC, a penthouse next to central park, and Paris Hilton in your bed as your daily bitch… seriously, this game is bad in every possible way, the graphics are bad, the controls are bad, and since Most Wanted EA couldn’t come up with a decent Need for Speed title. You need to stay away from this one… and also stay away from Pro Street which was bad on every oder system, I don’t even want to imagine how terrible it could be on the Wii…

Buy it or Burn it? – BURN THE M****ER DOWN YEAH!

at the next turn you will fly, and so will your wiimote

Mario Kart Wii

Now, on the other hand we have Mario Kart Wii… My first experience with the Kart series was on the N64, and I couldn’t simply put the controller down for hours… days… weeks… I know now why I’m wearing glasses… The Wii installment comes with the usual “bigger and better” marketing bullshit. Offering a robust but clanky online feature and a lame and frustrating offline game, this should be a no-buy for everyone. But the game is addictive, you might want to quit your marijuana for this, because it gets you high no matter what, and it’s also legal. Mario Kart Wii is basicly your best friend who stabs you in the back, and then picks flowers for you from the field and gives you choclate. In case you are in a winning series, you can’t stop, and in case you get bad luck you still can’t stop because you want to get your lost points back.

chaos is everywhere

The Offline feature is your first thing that should be done… play it for a few hours, get used to the controls (which is way better then in NFS… *khm* EA…) and then you should leave the whole thing behind because the AI opponents will do nothing more than just place their explosive dicks up into your ass… They cheat, and you fail, that’s how it goes…

The thing you should focus on is the Online part. You just play and you can’t stop playing… you want more and more, and next time you should go for the role of Anakin Skywalker because your hunger and lust for power will make old Ani fail like a dramatic chipmunk… it’s addictive, but still fun… you need a lot of patience tho’, the game might turn you down at times, and your Wiimote might suffer heavy casualties from it’s flights directed to the ground or through the windows… just miss the TV. If you are into some wacky racing games, and you don’t mind that sometimes luck is more appriciated then skills, you need to get this one.

Buy it or Burn it? – Buy it, then burn it, then revive it, then burn it…