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My Top 10 songs of the Year

December 28, 2008

Okay, so MTV and all the music channels (and the only TV channels that I do watch)  are full of year end summary shows. Best group, top albums, greatest moments, review of the year, etc. Only 3 more days are left, and then we’ll need to get used to writing 2009 instead of 2008… will be hard… for sure. Anyways, let me tell you all which were the songs I liked the most from this year’s line-up. Oh, and I don’t care about MyChemicalRomance or anything else,  so don’t start flaming, this is just my opinion.

Here’s the top 10 songs which I liked/loved/masturbatedon this year:

10 – Coldplay – Violet Hill
The New album and style of Coldplay is something that I really love. Those revolution-like outfits, and the catchy tunes really made them one of my favorite bands of the year, and of course violet hill was running through my ears for weeks. Thanks Coldplay!

9 – MGMT – Time to Pretend
MGMT is an interesting band, I saw them on this year’s Sziget festival playing live, and it wasn’t that good… Time to Pretend however is a great song, it’s addictive and innovative. I just love to hear that song, however, the rest of the album is kind of crappy… but this one is worth for the 9th place.

8 – Kings of Leon – Sex on Fire
Kings of Leon is a decent band in my opinion. They make good music, but they are far to be my favorite. However, there is this Sex on Fire song. I can’t hate it, even though I tried it, but the power of the song (especially the vocals) is just too tough to fight against. Great song!

7 – Vampire Weekend – A-Punk
Everyone loves Vampire Weekend, and I have to accept that, since they do bring new colors to the scene. A-Punk is one of those simple songs you can hear for the first time and start to mumble it for hours. The Video for the song also deserves a special award, because that is fantastic too!

6 – Metallica – Day that never comes
Metallica is BACK. Nothing more needs to be told, they are simply back, and they are closer to their roots than ever. StAnger was a good album, Death Magnetic is a great album. Not The Best of their material, but it’s the Metallica we’ve been waiting for.

5 – The Killers – Human
Killers are back again with an album which is softer than anything they’ve done. Human is easily one of their best songs they’ve ever came up with. The Rest of the album is on the other hand nothing more than decent shit.

4 – Paramore – That’s what you get/Decode
Paramore gets one place here with two songs. That’s what you get is not just a song that’s on my list here for this year, but it’s an alltime favorite. Simple and catchy, and fun to hear, while decode shows the group’s harder and darker side. I just love the guitars and Hayley’s vocals in this one. Hope to see them on a live concert once next year.

3 – R.E.M. – Hollow Man
One of my best concerts this year was REM’s Sziget performance. They also played my favorite song from their new album: Hollow Man. Great song, great feeling, easy to remember. REM is a legend, and their song Hollow man shows that they still can create Greatest Hit material.

2 – Kaiser Chiefs – Never Miss a Beat
This years BEST concert for me was the Kaiser Chiefs’ performance. And that’s it. They are one of my favorite bands and Never Miss a Beat shows why exactly. Fun song, lots of jumping, and just fun fun fun. The new album is great, this song is great, KC are great!

1 – Snow Patrol – Take back the City
I have to admit, I don’t really like the other songs of Snow Patrol, but with Take back the City, they’ve created a song that has the most catchy tune of the year for me. I just can’t stop listening to this song… it deserves to be the best song of the year… for me.


Some interesting music from Transylvania

April 6, 2008

I checked out some band from Erdély (Transylvania as most people know the place) a few weeks ago, my boss shared some experience before we went out to the concert, so I was kinda excited about it. They play some kind of electro music featuring a robust arsenal of live folk instruments, which is really interesting for my taste.

pampapampapam tunderground papapam

The name of the band is Tündérgound (which can be translated as Fairyfield, but the main point is the wordfun with the underground) and their first and yet only album features 5 songs, but the average lenght of the songs is more then 10 minutes…. it’s like you start to listen to one song, and when you get to the end of it, you have the feeling that you’ve heard like 3 different stuff.

You should check some of their songs at their myspace page, they’re really cool.


Ever felt being let down?

March 28, 2008

The Hives are not coming… they say that not enough tickets were sold… well Hi there smart-ass management? Doing PR 1 week prior a gig is not the way to let people know about your bands visit. Hello?

I knew the info from a friend of mine who just found the info somewhere on the net… now, a few days before the concert the street was full with the Hives Gig… insane in the membrane…

Thy kingdumb come…

Avril is pregnant, what about the concert?

March 24, 2008

I was waiting for Avril’s concert this year, she should’ve shown up around July, but now since she is expecting a baby, the gig might be called off…

avril please come!

When she was here first, I didn’t have enough money for the ticket. Although this time, there is a much “happier” excuse. I don’t even know if this is true (is it true?), I just picked up my grannies random celebrity magazines on saturday, and read the “big” news. I usually don’t give a shit about what’s there, but this time I connected the dots and came up with the plot twist…

Too bad if this means that the concert will be cancelled… but on the other hand I also hope that the music industry won’t force Avril Lavigne to rock around the world while having a huge ball under her breasts. Would be pretty unhuman.


Bad Religion is coming wooppie!

March 24, 2008

April 1st is Hives day! June 11th is Bad Religion day! Wooohoooo! Although I haven’t had time yet to fully master all of their songs in my ears, I would still pay some cash just to see them live.

At least they didn’t become one of those factory-made all-the-same-looking bands that are coming out these days. They are still cool… just regular clothes, but great music. That’s what matters.

Jeeeej, here you come!

Been to concert… funny feelings…

March 24, 2008

Saturday was partially family easter day, we usually have a dinner on Saturdays and a lunch on sundays when easter hits the house. But I couldn’t take more than just having the dinner, I had to hang out, since it’s saturday, like the only day on the week when you are able to wake up late, and go out late, then arrive home late (plus being drunk a bit), and you still don’t have to worry about an early wake up the next day… saturday is like the perfect day of the week.

Anyways, I went down with my friends to this rock club thing, where lots of fine rock madenss was expected. But to receive the guitar smashing heaven, we had to stand through a pretty odd concert… brought to us by the band called Drugzone.

I have to admit, these guys (and the girl as lead vocals) have good music… not really good, I can’t remember even one riff I heard, but it wasn’t that boring. The singing was fine, the lyrics were not more than average darky stuff, but it was good to hear. Nothing more nothing less… it was just the usual two letter quality: O K.

Now, the problem starts with the bands image, and the people who build up the fandome… I really feel irritated by these black lord vampires of darkness running around… It’s really hard not to be tickled by the laughter when you see these people. Feels tooo fake to me, I mean this whole phenomena is too far from me… plus, the filler speech the vocalist Linda Daemon presented was more like the corporate bullshit of the dark side… “We are going to die… everyone lies to us, don’t believe anyone blablabla”, I heard these a million times. I missed the “happy” songs, but since this style is not about happyness at all… well that’s it then. If someone likes this it’s okay, it’s just a style, at least these people don’t harm anybody. I was like standing there in my white converse shoes (no, not the Chucks, just my old pal OneStar), with my regular jeans and shirt, and although I had the feeling of “not belonging here” no one actually gave me the idea that I should get the hell out… this is a bonus indeed.

So in the end it was fun, because after the concert there was the RockDisco kinda thing, there they played like everything that’s listed in my current Winamp Playlist. But I just had to wait too much till this arrived, and we gave up really early (1 o-clock). But it is was fun and that’s what matters.


Obtained: Kaiser Chiefs – Enjoyment

March 12, 2008

Ave it!!!!!I never really thought I would have a passion for Concert DVDs, but ever since I bought the Muse – Absolution Tour DVD I kinda got addicted to the stuff. It’s great background stuff which you just watch with your peripheral-sight, while doing… homestuff like washing, cleaning, ironing, etc. Although sometimes I just put in some music and start to celebrate my lack of rockstar-being with the Guitar Hero guitar… I still think of this activity as homedoing stuff.

Anyways, yesterday I bought the Kaiser Chiefs – Enjoyment DVD which consists like 90 minutes of live footage plus a documentary movie. The first thing to notice is that there is NO DVD menu… you try to access it with the Menu button on your remote, but all you get is the freakingly hilarious message: “Behave yourself and return to your seat“. So where the hell is the Live stuff? Where is the concert? You have to sit back and realx, because the documentary is superb for hardcore KC fans. It’s full of fun and full of mutherfucking mary poppins… england! It’s so full of British, that it even hurts my lungs because of all the laughter. After watching the stuff you’ll be able to check the DVD manu and access the Live footage, which is also great stuff, but since there are like 209 minutes of awesome material burned on the disk, it’s not going to impress you in a way like Mse – Hullabaloo. The sound is not that great but it’s still worth it. I gave like 10 euros for it, and it’s more than what you’d expect for this money.

With all it’s extras, it’s a great stuff with great footage, and most of all: it’s full of Kaiser Chief fun. Worth to buy for all of those who really like them.

And of course they’ll be coming to this years Sziget Festival! Lot’s of Nanananana to be expected!