Madagascar 2 is basicly Africa 1

November 10, 2008

I loved the first Madagascar movie. People are trying to make more-and-more realistic looking creatures with CGI. Shrek is trying to do that, and even Pixar takes a wrong direction at times… not to mention what Lissi und der wilde Kaiser shit.

But with the first Madagascar, CGI studios did something well… stylish characters and good humor, although the story was way too clanky. And now here we have Madagascar 2, Escape 2 Africa. Will it blend?

The Movie has nothing to do with Madagascar, the island, since the whole story is based in Africa, homeland to all the animals we have been adventuring with in the first movie. But, the franchise can’t change just because they moved over to another location.


Madagascar 2 evolves in some ways, but also leaves good stuff behind, which is a shame. Story is more focused on the lead characters, and their emotional journey is well done by that. Alex the lion arrives home at last, but growing up in a world where lions are not fighting for survival might make things harder. Marty the zebra is a unique charactert, but when he meets all the other Zebras, and finds out that zebras are the japanese of the animals, it gets tough to be unique. Melman the giraffe also tries hard to fit in, and Gloria the hippo wants to settle and have a decent relationship. Although the most spotlight goes for Alex, the others get their stories as well. Too bad that there was simply not enough space to gather a story around the penguins, they simply need a self-titled movie. The jokes and references are more intelligent, but in the same time, there are less.

This is not the animated movie that makes you laugh your ass off. But on the other hand, it’s enjoyable, and it makes us want even more. 7 out of 10.


Max Payne takes Pain to the Max.

November 7, 2008

We all know that making a movie based on a video game is a great idea that will turn out to be the utter shit of the decade. We had Street Fighter back then with JCVD, and it turned out to be stupid. Mortal Kombat was okay, but the second one took everything down with the horrible story and CGI. Then We had House of the Dead from master Boll, which is kinda like the worst videogame movie ever created (it’s actually trendy to talk shit about boll movies, but nothing more coming now). Here we have now Max Payne, which was promised to be a good, or at least decent movie…

…but those who usually talk about the movies, are the people who invest in the production of it. And why would they even tell you that it is the dumbest shit ever? No offence, but never ever listen to Movie Documentaries. Director praises the Actors, actors backpraise the director, and their roles are usually “the toughest” or “most interesting” they had in their life… yeah, well whatever…

Max Payne is a shitty movie. Let’s admit, and let’s all face it, we won’t have decent video game movies in the next years… and no, Prince of Perisa won’t be a good movie, which makes me sad. But let’s roll back to Payne. The Movie is shitty, but has some scenes which are actually pretty good. The hallucinations are quite interesting at some cases, and the scene where (no this won’t be a spoiler, because it WAS in the trailer) Max is running towards a window, and the guy falls out, but we can see as a birdman-thing grabs him and let’s the guy fall. This whole scene in slow-mo was like the most awesome I’ve seen in the last two months. However, the rest of the birdman-fleshing-hallucinated scenes are boring and suck. Characters suck, story is like kissing the dick, but doesn’t suck it at all, and action is lame (sucks too). Camera angles are nice in some places, and the whole colorless world is also okay. But Mark Wahlberg doesn’t really do anything, we don’t get to know the real Max Payne… but still, the cast could’ve been fine, however they gave us Mila Kunis as Mona Sax… utter fail to put a cute little girl under a tough characters skin.

In Overall Max Payne is a “try-to-rent-it” for videogame fans. For film enthuiasts, its a solid “no!” 4 points out of 10 I would say, but only for that one scene

Cool posters, bad movie...

On the other hand, the posters are 10 out of 10.


Anything good coming to cinemas?

October 26, 2008

I haven’t really checked on the trailers and movies in the last couple of months… i’ve been to a lot of movies, but I don’t really remember what films I’m really willing to see in the future. Lots of trailers seen, but I just can’t recall anything now…

I just checked apple.com/trailers, which is one of the sites I usually check for trailers, but I haven’t really found anything that makes me wanna run around screaming like a wicked fangirl.

Okay, so lets see what we have here. Transporter 3??? C’mon, the second movie was the dummest bullshit ever, why can’t Jason Statham play in a movie which does not involve cars and wirefu? I loved the Snatch Statham, and the one where they robbed an english bank, that movie was great (can’t remember the title ‘tho).

Maybe Spirit and Watchmen are the only things that are interesting for my taste… and Zack and Miri Make a Porno… if Seth Rogen is in something it has gotta be good (still need to check out Pineapple Express tho’).

Ohohohoo yes, I definately wanna see Zack and Miri make a Porno!


Been at Budapest Game Show 08 – pleased with merchandise

October 26, 2008

Yesterday we had the second Budapest Game Show, which is like a young baby compared to the big bro’s like TGS or Leipzig Games Convention. The second one was larger then anyone could imagine, but of course the big brothers are still way in front of quality and fun.

But hey, this is cool, in the middle of europe we are starting to have something like this. We could try out things like Fable 2, Dead Space or Red Alert 3 and co. See these games for the first time was awesome, although I’ve seen them previously running live (yeah, working at Games mag rocks :))

The audiance the atmosphere was great, so in a couple of years this might be the largest gaming event in the heart of europe. I’m proud to be a part of a community who makes this a reality for the fans.

And the games: I was really flattered by Dead Space, I just love these spooky scifi horror stuffs. As an Alien fan, I just couldn’t stop loving the chill running through my spines. Seems to be a great game for those who love space horror. Running for your life on an abandoned Space ship, or to be exact, a Planet Cracker, which is fuck-yeah a fucking planet cracker that cracks planets!!! It’s like the most fucking awesome kind of space vehicle after the Star Destroyer! Vader should get some of these!

The other thing I’m in love with right now is Red Alert 3. Man I loved the series, and now they have Japs running around with beam-katana lightsaber shit! Japs running around in futuristic alternate world war against soviet propagande, with light sabers! And there is a psycho school girl as well! Can anyone imagine something more cooler than that? Oh yes, Oscar’s Dr Poole as Soviet warlord! Fuckyeah, this is an instaby.

Okay, this was not the most orgasmic moment of the evening… I had the chance to play (not just to see, but touch, feel and PLAY!) Guitar-Thrash-Fucking-Hero World Tour! That’s right, the game pwns! It is awesome, it is cool, it is an instabuy! Too bad We couldn’t try The Kill fro 30 Seconds to Mars.

In an overall, the event was great. Too bad the space was not enough for all the game enthusiasts. But it was great, and hopefully we’ll be able to make this event become the next GC or TGS of Central Europe!

We'll be there in 09 yeah!

Life in the Cubicle: Save Nature Vs. Psychokiller Fun

October 23, 2008

Here’s the corporate deal: Every big multinational company has declared, that they really really want to save mother earth, and they are the greenest motherf**ers on the globe. We have these signs in mails that warn you about Crodociles dying in the Amazon with each print you make, which actually makes sense. But we also have these new signs now: Turn off the Light if you are not inside the room. This should be logical when you are in the kitchen because you can see if someone else is there, unless you are blind or you are simply an ignorant prick.

I already had some thought-travel to the bathroom area, and I have to guide the dear reader once again to the office odor-factory. When you are doing brick laying, you usually do that in silence, and with a closed door (I know that some people missed class when they teached toilet-manners). So imagine when one of the people with less IQ come in for a dump, and finish earlier then you. They don’t realise that someone else is there, so they just turn the lights off. Lights are off, and it’s dark, and you are sitting alone.

It just happened with me yesterday, and I got scared… believe it, it was a horror.

Another thing is the lights in closed corridors. The only switch is on one end, and you are trying to get through the long room from the other end, before the door you used to enter is closing. Its like the feeling when you know that zombies are coming after sunset. Howeer, the f**ing corridor is way too long to make the long run and get to the exit, before the other door (which gives some light) closes. And when you are just trying to find your way in the dark to the exit, and suddenly someone opens the door and sees that a fast walking man is coming right that way from the pitch black darkness… not a horror, but hilarious to see their faces.


You don’t have to be FBI to gather info on anyone.

August 3, 2008

Beware folks, because Agents are spreading across the world. Did you already register yourself to facebook, iwiw, myspare or any of those “Yey I have a lot of friends online” portals? If yes, than beware, because people are going to stalk you…

If you ever made a hate-post on any forum, you should check if anything about you is available in your profile… if your nick is the same as the nick on facebook or whereever, beware fellow citizen, you’ll be stalked…

I mean it’s pretty easy… you go on a forum or wherever, talk with some people, and you’ll start to wonder what is behind the avatar… you’ll either go for their mail address or nick name, then facebook tells you all.

These days, if you are not registered on facebook, myspace or iwiw, then you don’t exist… if you are registered, then you exist for anyone.

Pretty much fun tho’, when you see a hot chick on a board, start so search for the truth and find out that the 20 year old girl is actually 13, and you’ll start wondering if the police can scan your fantasy which is made of pure evidence for crime by then.


You don’t want to see Jet Li as a Mummy

August 3, 2008

I really loved the Mummy series… okay, so I loved the first movie because it was so clunky and funny that I couldn’t hate it despite of it’s weaknesses. The Second Movie was a bit lamer than the first, so I had doubts when I heard that the third Mummy is coming.

The new Gillette Mach 8 cleans your face... even your skin burns off. Handsome nah?

But hey, They gut Chinese culture (lovelove after Japanese since far east is major lovelove), and their Mummy is Jet Li man! The guy is simply made of pure awesome and cool.  So how can this movie be wrong?

Well, here’s how I teach you the way of fucking up a movie. It should be pretty hard to do this because you have Jet Li and the Far Eastern setting which are already too much superb, but if you just take a tuna sandwich from Subway and put shit in it, you’ve already won the prize. Beacause everything else added to this movie is just pure shit. Brendan Fraser is weaker than ever, and his character’s son is like the next person to get his name in my Death Note. Okay, the Chinese girl is very cute, but with the line “We can’t be together” she puked into my ears. No No No! Plotholes everywhere, weak story, weak acting… even the British accent can’t make up for what they’ve done to this movie…

I can see that after Rock’s Scorpion King we’ll get a Dragon Emperor movie… who wanna bet?