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Did you know that Batman has his own turkish city?

November 10, 2008

Oh yes, there is indeed a city (or town or whatever) which wears the name of our beloved Dark Knight.

And this Turkish city is on a rage against Chris Nolan’s masterpiece… Batman belongs to the Turks! Oh my God, what people do for some more money…


I believe in Harvey Dent… and you?

March 12, 2008

Bored of cool looking movie posters with promotional intentions? Go and Watch Batman: Dark Knight, and show Chris Nolan’s crew that it’s worth to create an ad campaign like they do now for the movie!

First there was the fake newspaper online: News about Gotham city, and the new threat: The guy dressed up as a clown! It was hilarious. And now we have Ace District Attorney wannabe Harvey Dent! The guy played by Aaron Eckhart is running an election campaign over the net now, which is like a great parody of the current US election-mayhem… it looks soooo serious!

Believe in Harvey Dent! I do!

I want this man for president!