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Did you know that Batman has his own turkish city?

November 10, 2008

Oh yes, there is indeed a city (or town or whatever) which wears the name of our beloved Dark Knight.

And this Turkish city is on a rage against Chris Nolan’s masterpiece… Batman belongs to the Turks! Oh my God, what people do for some more money…


Life in the Cubicle: Save Nature Vs. Psychokiller Fun

October 23, 2008

Here’s the corporate deal: Every big multinational company has declared, that they really really want to save mother earth, and they are the greenest motherf**ers on the globe. We have these signs in mails that warn you about Crodociles dying in the Amazon with each print you make, which actually makes sense. But we also have these new signs now: Turn off the Light if you are not inside the room. This should be logical when you are in the kitchen because you can see if someone else is there, unless you are blind or you are simply an ignorant prick.

I already had some thought-travel to the bathroom area, and I have to guide the dear reader once again to the office odor-factory. When you are doing brick laying, you usually do that in silence, and with a closed door (I know that some people missed class when they teached toilet-manners). So imagine when one of the people with less IQ come in for a dump, and finish earlier then you. They don’t realise that someone else is there, so they just turn the lights off. Lights are off, and it’s dark, and you are sitting alone.

It just happened with me yesterday, and I got scared… believe it, it was a horror.

Another thing is the lights in closed corridors. The only switch is on one end, and you are trying to get through the long room from the other end, before the door you used to enter is closing. Its like the feeling when you know that zombies are coming after sunset. Howeer, the f**ing corridor is way too long to make the long run and get to the exit, before the other door (which gives some light) closes. And when you are just trying to find your way in the dark to the exit, and suddenly someone opens the door and sees that a fast walking man is coming right that way from the pitch black darkness… not a horror, but hilarious to see their faces.


An Ad, that makes you think about stuff… a must see!

May 26, 2008

It might be a bit long, but believe me, it is great! Something similar to MTVs Switch commercials.


Weezer vid made of Youtube awesome!

May 24, 2008

Dramatic Chipmunk, afroninja and lightsabers in one full motion video? Must see! (also the song is pretty nice too)


Ryan Reynolds is still funny

April 17, 2008

Okay, it may sound a bit awkward, but I love most of the movies which include Ryan Reynolds. Even if he just pops up for a few seconds and says something very near to intellectual (like “hey, sup”), it can still be the best scene for me… totally honestly, I dunno why, but he has this charm… just to make sure everyone knows I’m not gay, I’ll note that Scarlet Johansson has the same effect on me… alright, so moving on…

Yes Ryan, you\'ll be president one day, and I\'ll wake up with my face in the toilet

When I first watched the trailer for Definitely Maybe, I got really excited… I was thinking OMG, a movie which can be too much of suckage (yes, Blade3 that’s you, although you are there on my shelf as a special ed dvd… duh)… I was reallly interested and stuff, because the story seemed interesting. After watching the film, I felt like drinking a warm coffee while smoking cigarette and watching the rain outside… a bit melancholic, but refreshing.

The movie is not really exciting, only when a new girl or someone we’ve already seen comes up in the Story of Will Hayes (played by Reynolds). You get to know them, and you start to decide who you cheer for. Then the whole thing gets mixed up. You start to love and hate each of the women, and in the end you simply lose the end of the string. It’s good, but in sometimes it gets annoying and boring, and not even the President-Clinton-Retro arc – where we can see the rise of the OralLord and also his downfall – can help. But as time is going, you start to feel just fine, you will start to enjoy the movie, laugh at times, and finally, you get a nice and calm ending… we already know what comes in the final scene of a movie where we have two divorcing parents, and a cute little child… well, forget that, because this movie is totaly different, no shitty “oh-lets-get-back-together’ phrases here.

The movie is simply put, a good movie. Nothing less and nothing more. It has it’s flaws, but if everyone is into a simple puzzle story, which is not a detective stuff but a relationship one, then they should check out this thing.


Dr House kick Uri Geller Ass

April 6, 2008

It’s probably old, but since there is this whole Uri Geller thing infecting the minds around the world, I though I’ll just share this one… Hugh Laurie is great and period!


Meet Bill Eckhart

April 3, 2008

On my current little voyage into the deep space of the new trailers out there, I think I kinda found an interesting planet to check out. Meet Bill is a comedy, starring The Gotham-Attorney-wannabe (Aaron Eckhart),  supported by the sex-maniac-hot-chick-from-40-year-old-virgin (Elizabeth Banks), alongside the absolutely nonHitman-ish guy from Deadwood (Timothy Olyphant, btw I like the guy) and a bunch of “that guys” from other movies, but I have to also mention the beauty-dolphin-riding-princess (Jessica Alba).

The story is about a lame guy who is fat and unlucky, he is losing like everything… beside having a sucky job, the beloved wife just happnes to “belowed” another more popular guy… Bill tries to win the woman he loves back, so he allies with a bunch of kids from school and with their help tries to become the man the woman loves… and belowes… it’s simple and stupid, but adoreable.