Is Orestes really this Jaws like?

November 14, 2008

I don’t know what you guys think, but I’m usually a fan of well done posters for movies and theater stuff. Star Wars, 300, Dark Knight and stuff like those should be all over my room. If I had the chance to get my hands on those and I had a 50 feet high blank wall with enough room for all of my favorite poster stuff of course.

On the other hand I’ll instantly start running around screaming and cursing the gods of people who pay money for shitty posters. But when it comes to gory and ugly stuff, I get even more crazy, wishing a huge anal interaction for all those who raised a pen or any photoshop software to create gory materials, like the ones for the Jaw and motel series, which seem to be a never ending stories that print money…

But seems that attracting people these days can be only done by ugly and disgusting pictures. I remember the days when they tried to sell everything with kids, dogs and mostly with naked hot women. those days have passed so if you want to sell something you need to come up with some angst filled darky gory shit.

The city is full now with the National Theater’s new show, Orestes. Honestly, I had no idea what Orestes is, so I assumed that yeah, it is indeed some kind of ugly meat slice-and-dice… or whatever. So here comes the question, what is this shit on the following picture?

no, not motel 4 but a big what the fuck

No, it’s not an advertisement for Motel 4: Revenge of Orestes, and its not even Orestes: The Greek Zombie returns. It’s for the theater’s show, which is about, yes, Orestes, the greek mythological guy, who (according to wikipedia) killed his mother, who killed his father, and in the end he stood trial, killed a bunch more people and conquered the fucking world (okay, maybe just a few states in greece)

Now, if anyone can tell me, why on earth, do we have to see a wounded naked man, please raise your hands… this is in the subway, on the streets and on every fucking corner, where you are most probably chewing your favorite hotdog… or you just were, right before you saw this…


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