My Top 10 songs of the Year

December 28, 2008

Okay, so MTV and all the music channels (and the only TV channels that I do watch)  are full of year end summary shows. Best group, top albums, greatest moments, review of the year, etc. Only 3 more days are left, and then we’ll need to get used to writing 2009 instead of 2008… will be hard… for sure. Anyways, let me tell you all which were the songs I liked the most from this year’s line-up. Oh, and I don’t care about MyChemicalRomance or anything else,  so don’t start flaming, this is just my opinion.

Here’s the top 10 songs which I liked/loved/masturbatedon this year:

10 – Coldplay – Violet Hill
The New album and style of Coldplay is something that I really love. Those revolution-like outfits, and the catchy tunes really made them one of my favorite bands of the year, and of course violet hill was running through my ears for weeks. Thanks Coldplay!

9 – MGMT – Time to Pretend
MGMT is an interesting band, I saw them on this year’s Sziget festival playing live, and it wasn’t that good… Time to Pretend however is a great song, it’s addictive and innovative. I just love to hear that song, however, the rest of the album is kind of crappy… but this one is worth for the 9th place.

8 – Kings of Leon – Sex on Fire
Kings of Leon is a decent band in my opinion. They make good music, but they are far to be my favorite. However, there is this Sex on Fire song. I can’t hate it, even though I tried it, but the power of the song (especially the vocals) is just too tough to fight against. Great song!

7 – Vampire Weekend – A-Punk
Everyone loves Vampire Weekend, and I have to accept that, since they do bring new colors to the scene. A-Punk is one of those simple songs you can hear for the first time and start to mumble it for hours. The Video for the song also deserves a special award, because that is fantastic too!

6 – Metallica – Day that never comes
Metallica is BACK. Nothing more needs to be told, they are simply back, and they are closer to their roots than ever. StAnger was a good album, Death Magnetic is a great album. Not The Best of their material, but it’s the Metallica we’ve been waiting for.

5 – The Killers – Human
Killers are back again with an album which is softer than anything they’ve done. Human is easily one of their best songs they’ve ever came up with. The Rest of the album is on the other hand nothing more than decent shit.

4 – Paramore – That’s what you get/Decode
Paramore gets one place here with two songs. That’s what you get is not just a song that’s on my list here for this year, but it’s an alltime favorite. Simple and catchy, and fun to hear, while decode shows the group’s harder and darker side. I just love the guitars and Hayley’s vocals in this one. Hope to see them on a live concert once next year.

3 – R.E.M. – Hollow Man
One of my best concerts this year was REM’s Sziget performance. They also played my favorite song from their new album: Hollow Man. Great song, great feeling, easy to remember. REM is a legend, and their song Hollow man shows that they still can create Greatest Hit material.

2 – Kaiser Chiefs – Never Miss a Beat
This years BEST concert for me was the Kaiser Chiefs’ performance. And that’s it. They are one of my favorite bands and Never Miss a Beat shows why exactly. Fun song, lots of jumping, and just fun fun fun. The new album is great, this song is great, KC are great!

1 – Snow Patrol – Take back the City
I have to admit, I don’t really like the other songs of Snow Patrol, but with Take back the City, they’ve created a song that has the most catchy tune of the year for me. I just can’t stop listening to this song… it deserves to be the best song of the year… for me.


So, did your favorite movie character make the list of 100?

December 5, 2008

Mines surely did… Empire Online made a nice top 100 list of the greatest movie characters of all time. Check out if your’s are on the list, 100 is quite a lot, so there’s a good chance that you’ll find them. Vader, Bond, Bourne, Forrest Gump… sweet sweet!

So did Jack make it?

So did Jack make it?


And how would like your Kid Icarus to be served, Sire?

December 4, 2008

I’ve just read through an interesting article over at IGN’s Wii site about a possible Kid Icarus reboot, and came to the idea to share my thoughts as well on this marvelous franchise.

Less Emo, more wings, and we're good to go.

Many of those once-great franchises were given a second chance in the past years. Metroid gone to 3D on the Gamecube and made a revolution regarding the adventures of Samus Aran. But, in my personal opinion, the new Prince of Persia series is the one that made the greatest revolution to an old series. I have to be honest, I didn’t really love the original PoP, I just liked it but it didn’t deliver the same feeling as Super Mario Brothers did for me. But a few years later we had our time-reversing champ, and it was made of pure awesome. Now, we are getting Bionic Commandos and other great stuff, so a Kid Icarus remake, might be reasonable.

Pit... way of the casual.. path we don't wan't to walk.
But should it be 2D? Or should it be transitioned to the more “todays Gen” 3D world? We’ve seen a lot of concepts, and heard a lot of gossips, but nothing is official, so we can still dream in the dark about the possibilities. Whoever is making the next Kid game, should learn a lot from Ubisoft and Retro studios, who made great twists with the PoP and Metroid series. Those were great, but if we take a look at what Nintendo does these days, we might lose hope… The Big N is going for the more casual type of gamers now, and Kid Icarus was a charming little “tough-nut-to-crack” game, with a style that appeals to the younger generation. We don’t need this to be redone! Pit looked fun in Super Smash Brothers Brawl, but we don’t need that! We want a hardcore, mature game, with Kid as a more grown up character, filled with a darker tone. Some of the concepts are showing this path, but some do not. I would take the Kid Icarus series a bit the Warrior Within way, but with less emo and angst. A Game with a darker world, with lots of combat and Mario Galaxy style platforming should make a great game, but in order to have that, things need to change, and someone needs to crash the desk over there in Kyoto to make this thing published. We hope, that we’ll get our true Kid Icarus reboot sometime in the future.

Pit... going to a better way...


New Watchmen trailer is full of Muse awesome

November 15, 2008

Honestly, I have no idea about watchmen, I haven’t seen or read the comic book. But this is starting to be more than awesome. I was simply waiting for this movie, however after watching the brand new trailer fueled with Muse, I just can’t wait any longer! Give it to me!!!!


Is Orestes really this Jaws like?

November 14, 2008

I don’t know what you guys think, but I’m usually a fan of well done posters for movies and theater stuff. Star Wars, 300, Dark Knight and stuff like those should be all over my room. If I had the chance to get my hands on those and I had a 50 feet high blank wall with enough room for all of my favorite poster stuff of course.

On the other hand I’ll instantly start running around screaming and cursing the gods of people who pay money for shitty posters. But when it comes to gory and ugly stuff, I get even more crazy, wishing a huge anal interaction for all those who raised a pen or any photoshop software to create gory materials, like the ones for the Jaw and motel series, which seem to be a never ending stories that print money…

But seems that attracting people these days can be only done by ugly and disgusting pictures. I remember the days when they tried to sell everything with kids, dogs and mostly with naked hot women. those days have passed so if you want to sell something you need to come up with some angst filled darky gory shit.

The city is full now with the National Theater’s new show, Orestes. Honestly, I had no idea what Orestes is, so I assumed that yeah, it is indeed some kind of ugly meat slice-and-dice… or whatever. So here comes the question, what is this shit on the following picture?

no, not motel 4 but a big what the fuck

No, it’s not an advertisement for Motel 4: Revenge of Orestes, and its not even Orestes: The Greek Zombie returns. It’s for the theater’s show, which is about, yes, Orestes, the greek mythological guy, who (according to wikipedia) killed his mother, who killed his father, and in the end he stood trial, killed a bunch more people and conquered the fucking world (okay, maybe just a few states in greece)

Now, if anyone can tell me, why on earth, do we have to see a wounded naked man, please raise your hands… this is in the subway, on the streets and on every fucking corner, where you are most probably chewing your favorite hotdog… or you just were, right before you saw this…


Did you know that Batman has his own turkish city?

November 10, 2008

Oh yes, there is indeed a city (or town or whatever) which wears the name of our beloved Dark Knight.

And this Turkish city is on a rage against Chris Nolan’s masterpiece… Batman belongs to the Turks! Oh my God, what people do for some more money…


More then a feeling again

November 10, 2008

Oh I just love to listen to old weirdlookingband rockmusic. Been a fan of this song a long time ago, but since yesterday when I saw Madagascar 2, I just want to hear the song even more. Why? Check out the movie and you’ll know.

awesomely weird hair, incredibly huge mustache… great music.